Pest Control - Moles

Moles are solitary in their habits and live almost entirely underground.  Their tunnel system  may cover an area of 100-1000sq/m but the exact size will depend upon food availability.  They feed mainly on earthworms but also on various other invertebrates including slugs and insect larvae. 

As well as causing unsightly mole hills where a flat surface is required e.g. a lawn or bowling green, the most important damage can occur where the inclusion of soil from molehills in grass silage or haylage can result in spoilt unpalatable silage / haylage is potentially result in Listeriosis or Botulism in sheep, cattle and horses.  A collapsed mole tunnel can also endanger livestock e.g. a horse breaking a fetlock.  One of our pest control technicians will be able to visit your site and provide you with an appropriate quote to resolve your problems.