Pest Control - Honey Bees

All bees are tremendously useful insects to our environment and honey bees have the additional skill of making honey.  We go to great lengths to ensure that eradicating bees with insecticide is a last resort.  If you have honey bees we will not kill this nest off unless it is posing a particular risk to human safety and even then we have to be very careful not to harm any non-target species – honey bees are known to “rob” stored honey from dead nests and are therefore susceptible to the same insecticides that may have been used to kill the nest in the first instance.  When the pest control technician is on site, they will be best placed to give an opinion as to whether or not treatment is appropriate and will be able to advise you accordingly.  Hinton Pest Control Ltd offer no guarantee that we will accept bee work.

We will always try to relocate a free-hanging swarm if they pose a threat to the public and work closely with our local Bee Keepers’ Association.  If you notice that honey bees have moved into your chimney, lighting an open fire (log burner or coal fire) and creating smoke may persuade them to relocate without injuring or killing the bees within 48 hours of their arrival.  Honey Bees remain in their nests year round and will store their honey in their nest to feed the colony over winter.