Pest Control - Ants

Ants are attracted to the home by food availability and can pose health and hygiene risks as they find their way into open food packets, overflowing bins, pet food bowls or even simply crumbs on a work surface.  The eating habits of children and young people can increase the risk of ant infestations when food lands on the floor or that half eaten sandwich concealed in a teenager's bedroom is discovered only by the trail of ants leading to it!

The Pharoah's Ant is one of the two main types of ant in this country and tend to feed and live in drains and sewers, consequently they pose a greater health risk than the common Garden Ant.  The Pharoah's Ant is approximately 2mm in length and yellow in colour whereas the Garden Ant is approximately 5mm in length with a black segmented body.  Your pest control technician will be able to effectively treat the ant invasion in your home and explain how you can help prevent their return by removing other sources of food around the home.