Pest Control in the House or Flat

We’re usually called to domestic homes after the owner or tenant has discovered pests in the building or garden. Typically this will be problems caused by insects, rodents, wasps’ nests or birds or animals (such as rabbits, foxes or mink). Whatever your concern or problem is we have a solution and we’re ready to respond. Out of hours, emergency callouts are available.

Having pests at your property can be stressful and you may be concerned about your family’s and your pets’ health and welfare.  At Hinton Pest Control we pride ourselves with reducing the impact that pests can have, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Whilst there are many pest control products readily available on the market, our qualified pest control technicians are allowed to use more specialist chemicals and poisons that are not available to the public.  We add value to the service we provide you in that you will be charged for the job (as per the initial assessment) and our pest control technicians will arrange follow-up domestic visits free of charge until the initial pest problem is eradicated.