Pest Control - Bed Bugs

Due to an increase in foreign travel, bed bugs are becoming more common.  Humans and animals are a target for bed bugs.  A small, flat, reddish coloured insect of about 6mm in length, they hide during the day in crevices in furniture, bed frames, skirting boards and at night they come out to feed.  They feed on human blood but will also attack pet animals.  The signs of bed bugs are bites on the body (some people can get a severe allergic reaction), little black dots on wallpaper near the bed (bed bug faeces) and cast skins, which look like empty bed bugs.

Bed bugs are easily transferred from one house to another in furniture, bedding, clothing or luggage.  They need a little warmth to breed, so they will not develop in very cold rooms or outhouses.  However, they can live for up to a year without food, so even furniture that has been in a cold room for several months can come alive when the heating is turned up.  Simply spraying around the bed with a can of insecticide will not remove the infestation.  We will carry out the most suitable treatment, which will usually be to spray the walls, furniture and skirting boards in affected rooms.  Do not vacuum floors or wash walls / skirting boards for 2 weeks after we have sprayed.  You will be asked to prepare the room prior to our arrival and our pest control technicians will advise you on the preparation.