Waste Management and Bin Areas

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Reduce the risks of rat infestation at commercial businesses and follow our top six tips for effective waste / bin management:


  1. Keep Bin lids sealed properly – even small gaps can create easy access for pests.
  2. Where possible, keep bins away from windows and doors and, ideally,  out of direct sunlight to help reduce smells and decrease the rate of decomposition.
  3. Try to keep any food waste in the wheelie bin – only put non-food items into bin bags to keep pests away.
  4. Don’t leave leftover food lying around and empty kitchen containers into the composting bin on a regular or even daily basis.
  5. Maintain a regular presence - if your premises are closed for now and footfall is minimal, pests will feel more confident to explore those surroundings.
  6. Don’t put loose food waste straight in the bin.  Wrapping it in approved compostable liners, plastic bags or refuse sacks will ensure it doesn’t stick to the sides of containers and will help contain any odours.